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“I ran across Gasparri Realty in my search for a new apartment in Boca Raton. I contacted AJ Gasparri for help with a particular property I had found listed online and he was immediately available to help me. ¬†My move proved lengthy and somewhat delayed due to HOA restrictions and my own requirements but AJ stayed in constant communication with me, accommodating my every situation and providing me with professional and reliable support every step of the way. I highly recommend Gasparri Realty!!”

“Gasparri Realty worked with us through the entire process. The Realtor took the time to research all we needed to know about the property we purchased and any other property we were interested in at the time. Their work was efficient and we are looking forward to working with Gasparri Realty in the future”

“It was an excellent, professional experience. They were knowledgable, very helpful, and efficient. ¬†Organized, responsible, pleasant. I would recommend their service to others.”