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Ten Best Beaches to Buy a Home Near in Broward and Palm Beach

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Ten Best Beaches to Buy a Home Near in Broward and Palm Beach

There are so many reasons people go to such great lengths to buy beachfront property. In fact, billionaires and celebrities always look for beachfront property. This is why every oceanfront property is much more expensive than similar properties that are not in front of the ocean.

You may be wondering why oceanfront property is highly sought after. Here are the biggest reasons you should consider patronizing Broward and Palm Beach Realtors. The atmosphere is very calm and peaceful. Most oceanfront houses are usually built alone so, you won’t have neighbors. You will enjoy peace and tranquility all through the day.

Having exotic views is another great benefit of living near the sea. You can either sit in your driveway or on any of your window sills and you will enjoy awesome sea views accompanied with the breeze. Imagine having a hot cup of coffee in the morning combined with the sea views. The views offer a great experience.

You can engage in numerous water sports and other activities. With a home in front of the ocean, summer recreation is all yours. Waterfront properties are good investments. The demand for them is high and they are scarce so their value always increases. Your seaside home is a great investment all the time. You could even leave out a couple of rooms in your home for rent to tourists.

Siting near the ocean is just like relaxing by the pool. So, you get to de-stress yourself easily when you live in front of an ocean. You also get to breathe absolutely fresh air with no iota of chemical constituent. This helps to improve your health.

That being said, here are some great beaches where you can buy a home in Broward and Palm Beach.

1. Hollywood Beach Real Estate

What sets this beach apart from the rest is its oceanfront promenade Broadwalk which has been ranked one of Americas Best Beach Boardwalks by Travel Channel and Leisure Magazine. It is also very big, clean, beautiful, and very spacious. Hollywood Beach also offers convenient year-round trolley service for easy travel between downtown shops.  Another reason Broward and Palm Beach Realtors recommend this beach to their clients is the newly opened Margaritaville Hollywood Beach resort which is one of the most beautiful resorts in Florida.

2. Fort Lauderdale Beach Real Estate

Fort Lauderdale Beach was once a spring-break mecca in the 1980’s but has been revived as a world class family resort destination. Fort Lauderdale is host to a number of smaller beautiful beaches and cafes which gives the town a very cozy quality. Fort Lauderdale’s beachfront properties also boasts some of the most diverse and complex architecture in all of South Florida. This is why tourists still come by the thousands. It is also why Fort Lauderdale Beach is a great location to buy a new home.

3. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Real Estate

If you want a beach at its purest form, then this is the best for you. It has no restaurants, no skyrises, and other common structures you see in other beaches. This is why it is more natural. You can relax, fish, and even dive for as long as you want. It is also great for family picnic. It is needless to say having a home near this beach will be awesome.

4. Hallandale Beach Real Estate

People look for different qualities in beaches. If you want simplicity and beauty, then this beach you should be a top pick for you. Some beaches may be too chaotic and noisy for you while others may be too quiet. Hallandale Beach strikes a great balance between the two extremes. It is neither as noisy as Hollywood Beach nor as quiet as Pompano Beach. You will love to have a home here.

5. John U. Lloyd Beach State Park Real Estate

This beach used to be known as a sea-turtle nesting site several years ago. Things have changed now. It has become a great beach where you can fish, scuba dive, kayak, or simply observe nature. What you should not expect in the beach is nightlife. Overall, it is still a great location for homes.

6. Oceanfront Park Beach Real Estate

This beach combines beautiful views of both bay and beaches. Its easily accessible facilities make it a great beach for tourists and greater location for residents. In fact, there are areas on this beach that looks so pure and clean that you would think humans have never stepped foot on them.

7. Delray Beach Real Estate

This beach is famous for its ultra-quiet surrounding. Apart from offering room for several water sports and beach activities, it also offers ample areas for barbecue. Like all other beaches, it is also a great location to build your home.

8. Dania Beach Real Estate

The only problem with this beach is litter problem. It receives a lot of guests but they find it difficult to clean after enjoying themselves. If you enjoy partying all night, this beach is probably your best bet. If you love alcohol, food and other wild fun activities, this should be your pick. Despite the litter problem, it is a great location for homes.

9. Deerfield Beach Real Estate

This beach is also as a wonderful location for your home. It receives visitors of all ages from grandparents to college students to toddlers.

10. Pompano Beach Real Estate

This beach is one of the oldest Broward beaches. Despite its age, nothing about it has changed over the years. It is actually known for its tranquility since it is about the quietest beach. If you love serenity and tranquility, you can make this beach your home.

Although the beaches above are the best for home building, there is virtually no beach that is not a great location for homes. It all depends on the design of the home and how much you are planning to spend.

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