Secrets of Home Staging

home staging

Whether you are selling your home yourself or you are selling through a realtor, staging your home has proven to be a valuable solution. Home staging has an exciting potential on people who are looking to buy, plus it may help to increase your home’s purchase price. Real estate agents will always offer suggestions on how to make your home look more appealing. This is not staging but it’s a decorating concept based on the same principle as staging. The idea is to have potential buyers see themselves making your house, their home.

It Takes A Little Staging
For example, if you are planning to stage your South Florida real estate home yourself, it requires more than just dusting, vacuuming, moping, and cleaning. When it comes to staging your home, this requires professionals who do this for a living. No – real estate staging does not have to be elaborate nor expensive. It is the little things, that if you staged your own home you would miss something subtle that could make a buying decision. Staging is to have your home stand-out in a buyer’s mind. When a home or any other property is placed on the market, people are moved to buy it because moving things around, lessening clutter, and staging main living areas have been orchestrated just right.

Why Work With a Stager
Thinking about home staging without a professional is tantamount to keeping your property on the market longer than you anticipated. Professional staging is an impersonal real estate process, unlike your own staging ideas which is more personalized. It is a professional stagers job to know instantly what will work and what will not work to sell your home quickly. A stager is not trying to get you to spend a fortune on staging your property, it is their job to help get you the money you are asking for and even more.

When a South Florida real estate property is staged by a professional, sellers must not take what they do personally. Stagers are certified with lots of experience. Yes, they will come into your home and move things around and make suggestions that may irritate you just a little. If you want to sell your home soon, stand back, and let them give you the right solutions. What are some suggestions that a stager may ask you to do? First, your home must be clean. But of course, it already is – right? They will suggest repainting a room to give it a warm, homey effect. This is especially needed if your home reflects your favorite brilliant color of greens or reds.

Stage Your Home for Purchase
It has been proven that family photos are a turn-off to potential buyers. Even your favorite artwork or knickknack could be a deterrent to buyers. This is why staging your home is best left to a professional. Be prepared, because an expert stager will have your home looking minimal or neutral, which is the idea. Potential buyers enjoy looking at a sparsely furnished room and envisioning their own furnishings and accessories in that space. No, you are not asked to remove every stitch of furniture, instead stagers ask for a contemporary appeal which means to think universally. Staging your home also involves the right lighting both during the day and evening. Lighting in a staged atmosphere involves ambient and lighting accents.

Staging Is Interior and Exterior Planning
Home staging is an interior and exterior process. The exterior of any building becomes dirty and dinghy. Potential buyers will arrive at your home and the exterior and landscaping is the first impression they get of your home. The same staging process for the interior applies to the outdoors as well. Even if your landscaping pattern looks clean and structurally beautiful, it may appear too cluttered to a buyer. Professional stagers will look at your garden, sidewalk grounds, driveway, siding, windows, doors, shutters, garage, and patio surface. Just a few tweaks to the exterior will monetarily impact your home’s purchase price for the better.


It will be a challenge to stage your home that you have lived in for years with objectivity. The psychology of this process is that your home is now being viewed by a buyer with some of your special furnishings and accessories still in it. This is daunting, but staging is all about buyers seeing your property as their home but with your lifestyle still present. Buyers are not necessarily viewing their potential home in the same way that you do. Rather, staging professionals are looking to create a mood, a unique environment, and a cozy feel to your home for someone who does not have the same likes that you do. You want a prospective buyer to look at your home and at once visualize how they will enjoy personalizing your home as part of their move-in vision.