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The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Boca Raton

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The city of Boca Raton has come a long way since its early days in 1924, and that direction has been positive in nature with there now being lots to offer to anyone interested in the scenic beaches and homes for sale in Boca Raton. There is, of course, now a myriad of incentives for relocating to the area or purchasing property in this jewel of southern Palm Beach County. But, you want to know the top 5 reasons for buying Boca Raton real estate, and that is what the following paragraphs will detail.

  1. Unparalleled Economic Growth

There is no gainsaying the fact that Boca Raton is a city that is built on, and flourishes from, economic growth. There continues to be a rise in jobs, and the number of higher echelon companies that call the place home is one of the reasons that Mayor Susan Haynie is so proud of her city and Boca Raton real estate. Some of the top employers include the Florida Atlantic University because the city is the home of the main campus, but it also extends into Research Park which is a unique atmosphere for companies to excel in research and development. This is especially true of tech firms, with Modernizing Medicine being one of the leaders in healthcare software there. Then, there are the giants with Office Depot having its corporate headquarters in the vicinity and IBM, ADT, and more all ready to provide employment to the qualified.

  1. Higher Education

As mentioned in #1, the Florida Atlantic University has a lot to offer students as well as employees, and it has been doing so since 1964. But now, there is a Boca Raton student population each season of about 40,000 with some of them attending the other colleges like Lynn University, Everglades University, Digital Media Arts College, and Palm Beach State College. As the companies continue to scout the area for relocation and such, they always want to be ensured that there is an educated population that can transition easily into the roles that they need for their workforce. That is definitely something that the city can handle, and then there is a myriad of public lower-level schools and private or alternative solutions for those who desire that.

  1. Attractions and Experiences

Boca Raton is well known for its extensive network of attractions that help to bring in tourists as well as keep the residences of homes for sale in Boca Raton residing in a state of enjoyment. One of these is the eponymous Boca Raton Bowl for Division 1 college football that usually matches up the Mid-American Conference (MAC) against either the Conference USA (C-USA) or American Athletic Conference (AAC). This helps to boost the economy with tourism and fun as people flock to the FAU Stadium. But, it is not all football. There is a Greek festival and music or art festivals at various times throughout the year. Mizner Park has a number of boutiques, restaurants, and housing. Then, there is Town Centre Mall that is the largest in the region and is home to some of the prestigious names such as Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, and Tiffany and Co.

  1. Wonderful Neighborhoods and Housing Options

Boca Raton has 29.6 square miles that is packed full of great neighborhoods and various different options to meet every taste. Addison Mizner, one of the early architects, put a Mediterranean Revival or Spanish Colonial Revival look on much of the area in the early days. You can find everything from high-rise condos that are ideally placed along beautiful beach landscape to homes centered on a golf course for the luxurious look and feel. A strict development code for the city helps to keep everything up to standards so that there is nothing unsightly able to make its way onto block.

  1. Demographic Excellence

The city is known to attract and cater to an educated community with a high-income level to go with it. For example, Forbes says that three of the ten most expensive gated communities are present in Boca Raton. This means that people will be able to find others who they can relate to and should help everyone to push for excellence in every regard. The crime rate is low enough so that people are able to live their normal lives without having to be concerned about safety issues and such.

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Overall, the city has a lot to offer, and there is much more than was given in this short look at things. A realtor in Boca Raton will know best. If you can afford it, then Boca Raton is definitely one of the best cities in the country to move to for a luxurious and ideal living standard. So, be sure to contact a realtor in Boca Raton today in order to see what is available.